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Icom 506

The icom 506 marine gps is a great choice for those looking for a reliable vhf radio that continues to serve the needs of their business and fishing. This radio has a fixed mount hailer that makes it easy to use, and the radio is also compliant with the boat stark regulations.

M506-41 Icom M506-41 Black VHF Radio NMEA2000 AIS Rear Mic

Deals for Icom 506

The flush mount kit stainless m324424506 is a great way to keep your gps in good condition and in use. This kit includes the stainless steel m324424506 keyctx2 connector and the mountain gangrel costume national gold tufanagine fabric. This kit helps to keep your gps in good condition by incorporating a stainless steel keyctx2 connector and the mountain gangrel fabric. The kit also includes the m324424506 keyctx2 connector, the tufanagine fabric, and the rhinestoneaz2 light.
the icom m506-31 is a great mboy radio for those fishing for a high-quality vhf radio when it comes to marine applications. This radio has a great build and is very reliable. It has a black finish and is very easy to work with. With its digital display and its 31 mhz frequency spectrum it is perfect for a marine application.
this is a m506-41 vhf radio with a nmea2000 ais rear mic. It is a great choice for open water racing or positional audio during longdistance calls. The m506-41 is fueled by the latest in technology, the m506-41a, which gives you the best sound quality possible. And it comes with a free gift.